Reviews for "Metroid; Beginings"

Not Bad

Its not bad, very glitchy, but i liked it.
A bug that i found was in the room after you shoot the floor in the beginning...i got stuck in the door.


its great you should make so many more that guy back there f*** him

what a piece of shit

it licks ball$ and furthermore should be taken off newgrounds. if you plan on remaking it do these things: people are unsatisfied with having to unlock naked mode, make that playable from the start and more people will play. don't make the story mode impossible from the near beginning.and lastly, don't make the controls so wierd, and don't make the storyline so dumb

no affence but i hate it

Dude this game is so boring and samus looks nothing like that and i found no humor it just sucked u should of done more reserch

found a bug

it was fun until I went through a wall and fell into deep space.