Reviews for "Metroid; Beginings"


This definatly deserves to go places.
the grafix are slick, especially with samus and the enemies.
the sound is nothing to be exited about but good enough for the game.
and the animation is exellent.

this game looks like its worthy of some big numbers... the only thing that bothers me is the intro. i know its only a shot time but there should really be a skip button.
keep up the good coding!!

Great Game

Great game but i found a bug. If you jump into a platform you fall down past it and past the floor and you fall forever. Brill game though


really good


that was a great game, but there was a bug in training mode when you turned into the morph ball on the >-< thing you fall through the ground and cant get back up.


awesome game, but like other reviewers say, there are a couple bugs in it, but once you fix those up, this will make front page for sure!