Reviews for "Metroid; Beginings"

I believe I once found this game on a drunken bender. It was terrible then. I remember being so disgusted with it, but for some reason I continued playing it. I believe anything reviewed should be played through to have a proper grasp of the quality within......and I only wish that giving it a 0/5 was an option. Still get stuck just about everywhere. Still fall through terrain just about everywhere. Get that this is old. Made a long time ago...more than a decade now, but I feel like giving this it's deserved 1/5 is writing a wrong I've committed by now doing so when i was drunk.

Fixed falling through floor bug? No it's not. In tutorial mode, you fall through near the end if you aren't careful.

I agree - too hard to do anything, also, have no idea how to beat the first floating monster thing.

game is crap physics are horrible and the worst flash game

Its missing that special something...