Reviews for "Over There: Preview"


That was very smooth. I've seen ALOT of claymation on this site, but by far, yours is up there with the best. That's better then knox's in the sense that the characters are far more detailed. It was quite funny, also. Your jokes weren't that bad. This actually looks like it'll be popular instead of those crappy not even half-assed claymations I see all the time. This was great. I think the full feature will be awesome. Great work.


oh man, that gives me summin to look forward to ^^, this, i mean, the animation was sick for a claymation, hell, it was sick for anything, and funny too, i cant wait till it comes out ~YAY~

hahaa. funny.

Very nice preview. funny. looking forward to it. Keep up the good work.


This is cool i cant wait till the full flash movie comes out


That was Great!