Reviews for "Over There: Preview"

A pity we'll never get to see the original. This looks quite impressive. I like the artwork. The title drop is weird. I mean, it's a pretty generic one. At least it works! Wasn't there already a trailer for this?

It just seems kind of pointless. It's still nice to see this stuff. The designs of the characters are pretty unique. I wish the picture was bigger. I'm more into the actual cartoon.


That looks like a real trailer!


That was awesome! I love the etire series but this is like a real movie preview. I loved it!!!

I can't Wait!!!

Wow... you got some real talent here, quality stuff. I can't wait till it's finished. :)

Dustball responds:

It's been done for quite a while, check it out here on NG!

looks Good!

cant wait for it to come out!