Reviews for "Over There: Preview"


This looks kickass, can't wait!

Piece of shit

This fucking sucked dude.Plus ur disgracingthe name of a badass series on FX about iraqi soldiers with The name OVer There.U guys took a while to make this idiot thing?Its stupid.Submit ur dumbass movies somewhere else New grounds is cool this movie sucks

Dustball responds:

First of all, this movie has been called Over There for 5 years, so we didn't steal any name. Secondly, this is just a preview, and no, it didn't take very long to make. Sorry you don't like it.

lol, the preview was pretty cool

I liked the flying ship thing lmao

so what?

whats so good about this? i mean i know its claymation and everything but i mean it didnt look that good. im not too excited to see this and as far as i know it looks like its gonna suck!

You guys really are amazing!

You're skilled in every aspect of flash and audio! In my opinion, you're THE best flash team on the site, or the internet, as far as I'm concerned!
Enough ass kiss though, on to the flash. It looks great. smooth animation, not a pixelated feed, and your clay characters look very good as well.

Can't wait for it, and hope to see it soon!