Reviews for "Over There: Preview"

lol cant wait for it

cant wait for it to hit the front page so I can check it out work really hard so I dont have to wait ^_^ just messing

Dustball responds:

Thanks. Actually it was on the front page for a few hours this morning, heh heh.

cool and 20 minits, nice

looks pretty cool, how did u do the part with the plane thing? and tony the tiger is an advertissment not a super hero

that..that..that was....


yes. yes indeed quite good it was, yes. yes. yes indeed

as my favorite super hero would say.. its GRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!

I liked it

dont see what anyone has against this, but to each his own I guess.

looking forward to the full version

Good Show,

Wow guys, this was really on the lame side. The graphics sucked. I stopped watching rather quickly. Don't come back.

Dustball responds:

Sorry, we're here to stay. :)