Reviews for "Over There: Preview"

And so it Returns....

That intro is like the basis for a lit of good movies. heh, but also, it will be one of the best klaymations I've will seen....yea


ignore all the 0's, im lazy, anyway this looks awesome, im glad to see some claymation with real quality animation, and other effects, and it looks to be quite funny as well. good job and im awaiting the final product. A good idea for you-host the full movie somewhere on one of your servers and have it available as a download. that way, people who want to view the movie in all its glory, as full length film, could do so.

I hate Taco-Man?



its cool because the animation itself will be 20 min and ur preview was like a real preview and not just an intro to the movie like others did. i noticed dustball is apart of this so it gots to be good

Looks spectacular

Unique character designs (especially for clay characters), good sound, sensibly funny dialogue, smooth framerate, and a ship made out of cards. Looks like a winner to me! Can't wait!

I love the stuff you 2 do, I still remember the first time I saw Spin. Awesome stuff.