Reviews for "Over There: Preview"

Read down there...

Oh shit that was f***in awesome man great!

Kool. That's right with a "K".

Alright aside from my bad joke for the one-line summary this is a really well done claymation. I have to ask: Are all of the episodes done at once? I noticed some of the clips are in the episodes that were created later. Whatever nice job guys.

Dustball responds:

Yes, this preview was created after the entire thing was done, that's why it uses clips from the actual segments.

love clay-motion!

I've seen quite a few clay-flashes, but this one rocks :)

Every thing about this spells class

This is the reason why I love trailers.
Its soooo re-watchable.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!


i have to admit the trailer is better then the actual movie but still the animation was amazing