Reviews for "Over There: Preview"

This puts the "otentia" in "potential"

Excuse the terrible pun...

It is rare that any clay movie (Save for, of course, Knox's works) pass through those dagger-tipped gates we know as "The Portal". This one, however, had something that a lot of other clay flicks don't have; evidence of EFFORT. Your average portal manure clay flick runs about 30 seconds and features two unarticulate globs beating the shit out of each other on someone's coffee table. That's what gives the whole genre a bad rap, imo; people who don't give a shit.

This movie actually looks interesting! I could tell just from the small clip that the story is at least somewhat intruiging! The charecters all moved with an impressive level of subtlety! I really got a kick out of the purple spiky guy's ability to smooth out the dents in his flesh! And, yes- there were even some FUNNY PARTS!

It's these things that set this one apart! Yes, there could have been more sound effects and yes - just like every other clay flick it takes place in someone's den - but the level of effort that obviously went into this makes me excited to see more!

Great going, can't wait to see the finished product!

Looking forward to the full movie!

Wow, this looks cool. Good job on the preview!


Im looking forward to it, looking good but.., ugh another preview, disappointing

can't wait to see the other one

this was aswsome please make more

good stuff

pretty funny,good effects