Reviews for "Over There: Preview"


There is alot of effort and the sound is of good quality. So-so with the humor and the dialogue. However, it is only a Preview and i'm sure the whole thing is probably very good. I am curious to see what the story of this claymation is about, so when it comes to this site, I will watch.

I can't wait xD

Awesome stuff, must have taken forever to make! I can't wait for the full movie!!


Can't wait, seems pretty good..

It looks good, and pretty funny. i think the quality should be worked on a bit, cuz it seems pretty weird. but other then that it looks great and i cant wait

... THAT SUCKED!! not really XD

I totally luv this thing.... IT KICCCCCKSSSSSSSSS ASS! hell yes! cant wait till the rest comes out!


I've been doing claymation since I was six! Although I have seen waaaaaay cooler looking characters, (some of which where made by me) You are the best clay animator I've ever seen! I can't believe who smooth that was! Even better than Wallis and Grommit! I'm excited!