Reviews for "Over There: Preview"

Not bad at all!

This movie is great.
The animation wasn't bad neither, I liked it.
I particularly liked the part with the air plane made of cards, it looked real.
The clay figures were well made, I immediatly recognised them from dustball's movies.
I also liked the fight between the bad guy and the "hero, the music was funny and the animation was cool.
Can't wait untill you finish the second version, "Over There".

Graphics: 9. Good use of clay. Quite detailed, and looks good. Good job on that.

Style: Well... Rescuing the princess isn't the most original plot in the world, anyways, I gave 6.

Sound: 10! Excelent. I adored the music and liked the sound effects.
Awsome work, Dustball!

Violence: 10, I noticed his arm, (pencil and then cigar) got ripped off! I think it's just because you didn't manage to stick the pencil right :P

Interactivity: 1, replay & play button ; ).

Humour: 6, quite funny.

8. I liked this movie very much, even though his arm was weird.
Excelent work!
Good luck with the second version.

Why the gell did this make frontpage...

Sorry... but there are much better claymations out there that are way better and never made frontpage (trouble for example... dunno who made it)

aAhh well.. better luck next time



That last guy was a gaytard. It was good. I liked it. The characters aren't very detailed, but that's ok, because not many are.



Seems really good

This movie had a pretty cool concept, he's rescueing a princess "over there." The clay people looked prety good, and the animation was nice, especially the card plane thing. I thought that blue wariior clay model looked pretty cool too, this seems like a good klaymation, a very good one, I gave the PREVIEW a 6!


Gerat! I have been waiting for that great clay action. GOOD JOB!