Reviews for "Overprotective Part Two"


Hurry up with the next one, lol. This was so awesome, it was prolly the best action flash that runs smooth. WOW! Keep Up the good work.

Sikes responds:

Hahah, I'm working to bring the writing up to the level of the animation and stuff. I hope to be done in a reasonable amount of time.


Some really nice fighting sequences.. keep up the good work

it's been awhile...

haven't seen your stuff in awhile...
what's it been? almost three years?
kind of hard to believe it's been that long since your first flash.

anyway, it was nice to see the noticable improvements in this movie... it's looking much better than your work years ago.

and although it's not very unique, you are certainly developing your own style, and it's coming along rather nicely.

over anything, I'd really work on the dialogue... it's a little lacking. otherwise, this has some great potential. keep it up... just don't make us wait for another few years again haha.

Sikes responds:

Hmm... Everyone says the dialogue needs work but that's not nearly as helpful as people seem to think it is. I have no idea how to "improve" the dialogue cause I don't understand what people don't like about it specifically. Thanks anyway though.


dude that was pretty tight dude...i dont see much combat fighting that well it was pretty awesome hope to see more soon keep up the awesome work :D


this is the one of the best movies i have seen. i have dial up so it took for ever to load. but it was well worth the wait. good work keep it up.

Sikes responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. I used to have dial up too, I feel your pain.