Reviews for "Overprotective Part Two"

Well its about time

I remember when the original came to the portal, back in 2002. Where have you been man!?

Sikes responds:

In a cave. It was cold in the cave. It was dark in the cave. The mean man with the reconstructed nose, single white glove, and scary singing voice touched me inappropriately in the cave. But at long last I am out of the cave, yay!


wa... so good
didn't like the music though
but still good :D


one of the best i hav ever seen!
i liked it!

I didn't like it, but it was good anyway..

It reminds me of that stupid movie "Baby Geniuses". You lose points for using halflife: counterstrike sound effect, but I got a laugh when he used that one chair. I'm not going to say what happens because I hate it when people spoil movies. Good choice of background music, though you really need to put more length into your movies. I have seen some that are ten times as long. So, two things I'll say again. Better sound effects, and more story length. Then I'll give you a 10.

Sikes responds:

Well, I didn't intentionally use the CS footstep. I went to findsounds and that was one of the few that showed up. It's a working footstep sound so I didn't see a problem with it really. As far as the length, I am very aware of the shortness, it bothers me too, the next one I promise will be longer.


Everything was AMAZING. I look foreword to the next episode. I loved the movie. The motion was fluid. The sound effects were superb. I give you a 10.