Reviews for "Overprotective Part Two"

good one

awesome 2nd part to 'Overprotective'. i liked the original one a bit better, but this 2nd one was great too. glad to see this one win an award too and hopefully we can see a 3rd one too.

love it

wow can't wait for part three! your style is geniune

u fuckin rock

i just want to let u kno that this is in my opion the best flash on newgrounds its my favorite ever please make a part 3!!

hello there, mr. Sikes...

i remember watching the first Overprotective before i even signed up for my GG account, but after i watched it, i couldnt find it under i checked your profile after you posted in the 5 second collab thread. it was purely a stroke of luck you posted there and i looked in your profile (:

im glad ive finally seen the sequel to it, but i did notice a few problems, despite how high-quality this movie is.

first off, the animation didnt seem as smooth as the first Overprotective. maybe its just me, but the smooth movments of the lip sync in the first one really won me over when i first watched it, and this time, its something of a disappointment T_T

second, the dialogue. i read through some of the reviews, and it seems like no one is really giving you the details on why they dont like the dialogue. to me, the dialogue is somewhat emotionless, kind of corny, and sounds like it was sort of forced out instead of spoken like it should be. the last line Ruby says really irritated me. i realize you were going for a childish kind of thing, but Ruby doesnt seem like much of a child, so it really sounds out-of-place and, like a previous reviewer said, made me want to rip my skin off!

third, the first action scene. it seemed like Ruby was invulnerable to bullets, even though the guards shot him in the same spot as Ruby shot them, Ruby never died. it would have been better if he hadnt gotten shot at all, or at least have more than a bruise \:

fourth, most of the characters lack the main ingedient in a realistic, um, character. personality. the personalities in this are so weak, it made me kind of feel uncomfortable O_O they seem thrown-in, like a last minute thought (although im sure they really werent. its just my opinion). that little kid saying he could help Ruby to kill all those guards is really stupid. i mean, if being kidnapped in a Child Assassin place doesnt throw a reality-check on them, what will? what would it take for that kid to realize how stupid it is to think that he could be anything but a burden to Ruby? whatever.

my fifth (and last, finally) problem with this is Dil. its not the hat, but its his FACE. he has a very child-like body, but the face of an anime teenager, and that really ruins his innocence and most likely keeps people from feeling sorry for him. it looks really awkward.

aside from all those problems (and i hope i was specific enough to be of any help), this movie was beyond awesome, and i cant wait for the 3rd one. i thought the 2nd action scene was THE MOST AWESOME action scene ive, uh, seen in a wihle. the way that kid got smacked into the wall several times nearly seems funny, until you realize how much pain that kid is probably in, and until you realize that he is a KID, and not some super-powered teenager or whatever with super-strength and endurance. another strong point of this series is the story. its a very original story (unless you shave it down to the basics, then its boring and lame, but then again, every human is nearly the same if you, um, "shave" us down, >>MENTALLY<<)

well, i guess thats it. good luck on the next Overprotective (:

what was the 1st song called

hey good job and great songs hey what was the 1st song called plz tell me