Reviews for "Overprotective Part Two"

heh heh heh yeah it was funny

Graphics: 10- the frame rate was great and really smooth drawings made it the bast it could be

style: 10- u get a ten here ecause u dont see many of these type of movies on newgrounds.

sound: 8- u did use thhe hafelife counterstrike footstep but it worked well

violence: 9 what more can i say just great

interactivity: 0 well we dont really do anything but it is a flash movie however so u dont lose any pionts here

humor: 10 it was really funny so that was y i gave it a ten.

overall: 10- it was really good and we need to see another soon.

P.S for all those who want to know the ninja fight song it is NOBODY'S LISTENING BY LINKIN PARK

Complete Ownage

This flash is animation, i only have one question. What was the second song?

subperb by all means

not only is the graphics
very smooth in motion
and in framerate, but
fluid in the choreographed
action scenes, which were
highly impressive. also
have to give congratz
for making this animation
original in story and design,
quite unique and well thought
out in my opinion, but mostly
intriguing. music was excellently
choosen and fitting for the mood
and style. surprise to not have
notice this, but its a fave and
a watch. also rare to have such
professional and quality voicework too.
score: *****

Sikes responds:

Thank you very much MJ. I'm really glad you liked my flash, I hope you'll enjoy the next one too!

Please Respond!

Ok here is my comments,

graphics: 10, just perfect, nothing to say..

Style: 10, the style is just Awesome...all those fightings and violence - just amazing!

Sound: 8, you did great choise of Music, but u totaly ruined the way it stops...the second fight song (Rueben vs. 3 ninja boys, no wait..actualy 4...duh ...whatever..) cuts on the wrong moment...i think its not right...u should make a fade-out effect or something...it would be better. And the otherlacked point goes for CS sounds...nothing personal but they realy annoy me because evryone uses these...

Violence: 10, nothing to say...i loved how the Kid crashs faces :D

Interactivity: 0...sorry man, but 1 button outta 5 dont works...u know what button it is? It´s "replay" button...so...no interactivity for you :D But its ok because the movie is just Great! ;)

Humor: 5, 1 point for "Can i at least beat up him?" another point comes for "I´m here for my hat and the boy wearing it" :) and the other 3 goes for the way Rueben used chair in the "3 ninja-boys" fight :D I realy laughed my ass out at this momen :)

I forgive you those pare of gliches you made because i know you will take care of it in the part 3 :D And, 1 more thing, please, tell me the name of the song you put in the "3 ninja-boys" fight! Pleaaase!! Thank you :)

Sikes responds:

Thanks for the detailed review, I really appreciate it. It's good to know what I'm doing right and what I'm not. The name of the song is "Nobody's Listening" by Linkin Park. The fight scene was intended to be a lot longer with a bunch of cool little ideas that I had specifically for that environment, but for various reasons (the biggest of which was my own impatience) all of the clever ideas I had for that scene were scrapped other than the thing with the chair. Next time I won't take the easy way out, expect my next flash to have longer fight scenes.

Nice, but...

Why is it that there are well animated movies with good art become tainted by bad or cliched writing? Indeed, your plot was great and was very original, but it's execution is lacking. please fix this when making part 3. otherwise, it was good. u got a three out of me.

Sikes responds:

Okay, I'll make the script for the next one so bad that it couldn't possibly have been done before. It will be so absent of coherency that it can't help but be original! Thanks for the idea!