Reviews for "Overprotective Part Two"


i wish i knew you in real life Sike so i could tell you how bad ass this flash is... i wish i made flashes this bad ass...
i would recomend checking out ''Mathew Figures it Out'' it pwns a little less then this


This is far more advanced than the last one, especially since you added blood! You're doing a really good job on the storyline so far XD


Story line is really cool so far, cant wait to see part three. I liekd the music you had gonig on alot to and the fights were nifty.

Yo the humor is nine because

when the gaurds get shot they die, when Rueben gets shot he get a bruise or a small wound. But this was good, and when is part threee comming out., Still great work

Not as good as the 1st but still great

This one felt like it had more filler than the first. That made it fell a little slow to me, but other than that it was just the same. Also gotta say, the music you use for this series is perfect.