Reviews for "Overprotective Part Two"

finally some1 put linkin park in a song!!!!!!!!!!

nice movie and also the MUSIC!!!!!!!! Album:meteora song: Nobodys listening....... linkin prk is soooooooo awsome

Nice job

Awesome flash.

My only recomendations are don't be lazy and don't rush yourself. The action scenes where fantastic, but the other scenes often looked very poor in comparision. Be careful with your tweens, you are much better at fbf and sometimes tweens just look tacky. You know how to draw, so dont slack off and the final product will be supurb. :)

I think cliche lines are fine for this type of flash, and the voice acting was much better than the last flash.

The very beginning and the middle section of the flash was a bit slow. Try to keep the flash flowing at a consistent speed, and try to keep the dialog flowing as well. Timming is key in conversation, sometimes the responses seemed slow and other times it seemed to fast.

The music you used is very good, but it is pretty well known and kind of sterotypical, you may want to try to hunt down some stuff most people wont reconize. Also consider editing the sound effects so that they are not so easly reconizable (from where you attained the clips).

One thing has been bothering me, Where did the Dill's hat go in the last scene?

I loved the flash and I can tell the next one is going to be awesome. Keep it up :D
(btw these are just suggestions don't take them as insults :))

Sikes responds:

I want to sincerely thank you for your review. You were very specific on what I need to do to improve and I want you to know that I appreciate that a lot. Now, as far as Dil's hat (which is actually Ruby's just for the record ;P ) there are two versions to the story...

One is that in an off camera moment of excitement at seeing Ruby again, he took the hat off ready to give it back to his brother. He is, in fact, holding the hat off camera in his right hand at his side.

The other is that I had trouble finding a voice actor to fill the role of Rusty and decided to do the last scene BEFORE doing the scene with Rusty in it. I later drew Dil with the hat on, forgetting that he wasn't wearing it in the last scene. Too lazy to redraw Dil (and not wanting to mess up a drawing that I liked) I simply left it as is and decided in my head that the first story would be my defense.

I will put extra effort into keeping the dialog and action flowing at a consistent speed in my next flash.

Well done

I have to say that was an amazing inprovement compared to your first animation of this serise. I personally enjoyed it and would be very grateful for some pointers as an animator

Sikes responds:

Let me see... I don't pretend to be a super uber animator, but what little advice I have is yours. My suggestions are: Draw each fram that has a dramatic change in direction first. For instance, someone throwing a punch: draw them ready, then with the punch fully thrown, then draw them after they've pulled their fist back to a ready pose, then fill in the gaps. Try to remember that no moving object (such as a fist) goes from a full stop to 90 mph instantly, so the movement probably won't be perfectly spaced. What i mean is, the second frame may only be an inch away from the spot they were in in the first frame, the third frame may be 3 inches, the fourth may be a foot, it's momentum, the frames closest to starting and stopping any movement should have the least change, the frames in the middle should have the greatest change. Am I being too confusing? Use the onionskin a lot, it helps a great deal (in flash). If you can learn the blur effect (which I am terrible at) you can sometimes skip a good bit of work without sacrificing quality. Tween in moderation, PLEASE. Maybe it's just a personal preference, but I can't bring myself to even count tweening as animation, it's more of a bridge from one animated shot to another. Do you regret asking for pointers yet? Lol. Someday I'll have a website with pretty picture tutorials, then I can explain better.

Too short

But an overall great movie. Cant wait for #3.

Sikes responds:

I let myself rush too much on part two and submitted a very short flash. My next one will be much longer, I promise to force myself not to release it early.


That was pretty damn cool. Can't wait for the next one!