Reviews for "Overprotective Part Two"


nice smooth fighting i liked it, i liked it alot, next time put the names of ur songs up although there were only 2 but whatever, nice work

Sikes responds:

I didn't leave the names out intentionally, I'm not a prick or anything. It was just an accident.


I kinda feel bad for giving the first one such a fucked up score. And for misspelling JKD. This is better. Keep it up and give something that'll mess with the competition.

Sikes responds:

Hah, don't feel bad. I'd rather that you give an honest score on each flash rather than just give all my flashes good scores cause I make one good one. Feel free to tell me what you like and don't like, it's the only way I can know how to improve.


This is an awesome storyline. I can't wait to see the third episode.


THAT WAS AWESOME! The animation was so smooth and the action was non-stop and kickass. Not to mention the voices fit the characters very well! Can't wait for part three!

Sikes responds:

Glad you liked it man, part three is already in the works.

Pretty good.

Another flash where the main character never gets touched/hurt, and there was no recoil on the guns, heh. But other than that graphics and sound were ok.

Sikes responds:

Actually, he did get hurt. He got shot and it left a very painful welt =P

Also The guns did have recoil. If you notice when Reuben is holding the gun it DOES bounce around in his hands as he shoots, and it takes him several bullets to shoot a single guard.

Soooooo, since that's settled, thanks for the compliments!