Reviews for "Overprotective Part Two"

Good but suspect.

It was great and everything... but I think this particular entry needs to be picked apart for attempts to subliminally trying to influence audiences.

Near the start of the movie, I noticed some words flash near the bottom. Is there any ways someone could quickly check frame by frame.... I'm kinda curious to know what that word may be, if there is such a word, or if I am just fucking crazy.

Sikes responds:

That's a cool thought, but I don't think 20 fps is fast enough to be subliminal is it?

not that exciting

the good part of this video was that the choreography was pretty cool and the fight scenes were pretty fun to watch. It really lacked, though, in originality. 75% of Newgrounds is just anime-ish take type characters fighting. I give you credit for the advanced story line but if someone is new to the series, they might find it hard to read all the way through the ten page story description.

Once again, some parts were pretty good. Learn to pick up some more originality and it'll be amazing.

Sikes responds:

Hard to do, what's original to some isn't to others, but I guess I can't please everyone eh? Thanks for the review anyway.

that was great?!!

i think that was really cool, the graphics the sound effects, everything, u shud b proud


dude that flash is off the fucking hook.

well done....its amazing

Sikes responds:

Thanks, f'shizzle.

Keep up the good work!

I was so impressed with your drawings and how everything molded together and just ran so smoothly. The entire flash movie caught my attention, and now I am very much looking forward to seeing where it all ends. A suggestion, maybe do a flashback to see how Reuben got to where he is now, before he was trained and whatnot. Might be interesting to have more light shone on how this all came to be. Regardless, very good job! You have quite the skill and you know exactly how to use it! Also, great selection in music! =o)

Sikes responds:

Well... I plan on doing something close to that. I'm going to have a flashback for another character that I'll soon introduce, which will shed some light on Reuben's involvement, but that's a good ways away.