Reviews for "Overprotective Part Two"

Punk kick...Ouch...

Were a few cliche lines, and am I wrong to assume there were some influence from The One?
Everything else was great, the movement was fluent and the graphics were great, however the vocal sounds were lacking in some places.
Good work!

Sikes responds:

The One is my favorite movie of all time, so yeah, there was some influence. I try not to mimic anything TOO much though. Maybe I'll have someone screen my script next time to see if it's too corny.


i liked it alot, but there WERE a few cliche lines. I suggest you get the badass kid a new voice...somethin deeper and more resembling of how he beats the crap out of people with guns, which totally kicks ass.

Sikes responds:

Deeper? He's prepubescent. Deeper huh? Well, I'll consider that. I admit there was some cliche lines, but that was to keep the mood from getting too... Morbid. I'll seek other ways in the future.

I might just be in a bad mood or something...

...but it didn't do anything for me, amazingly that's the second one in about 5 minutes. Ah, well. You're great at animating, you just need to work on your curves being so jagged.

That and the whole thing was like a cheesy action movie cliche...

Sikes responds:

Not a fan of action huh? Meh, that's alright. This was made with the action fan in mind so if it's not your cup of tea I won't take it personally. Hope your mood gets better man, there's always SOMETHING in life to be happy about. Smile.

nice animation!

only had one problem with it, the voice acting right at the end by the ownage kid who had his brother kidnapped. Should either get a better one for that or work on it a bit more other then that was some of the nicest work ive seen in a while

Sikes responds:

"The Ownage Kid". HAHAHAH, I love that. I gotta use that someday somehow somewhere. The Ownage Kid. IT's GREAT!!


It was a good film, your a bit off from a few aspects i've picked out from the animation, anticipation being one of them. however, nicely done, you'll get better I'm sure, and God bless.


Sikes responds:

I wish you had explained a bit more. It's hard to do anything about being "a bit off from a few aspects" if you don't tell me what you're talking about. Thanks for the review anyway, and God bless you also.