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Reviews for "LL- OoCL Episode 1"


the words move to fast ....and i dun like it

ClockLock responds:

Please refer to the review made by marleyfan0.

Not biring (boring) at all!

As usual, I enjoyed your flash. BTW, I guess I am a 'super fast' reader, because I had NO problem reading the subtitles, which it really didn't need anyway, because I had no problem understanding the audio. Oh well, to each his own...

Good job...love the graphics!!!

ClockLock responds:

Thanks dude. <3 I'm glad you enjoyed it. Happy Lock Day!


biring and the words move 2 fast u cant even read them inless u r like a super fast reader stupid

ClockLock responds:

Hello Marley. On a quick note:

BORING and the words move TOO fast YOU CAN'T even read them UNLESS YOU ARE like a super fast reader "," stupid.

Maybe you should catch up on english first before watching flash on Newgrounds. Stupid. ^_^

not my thing

i didnt even watch it all be cause i dont like it

ClockLock responds:

To each their own. Thanks for voting fairly with the 5 though. ^_^ Happy Lock Day.


good effort.but i jst didn't like it..and it was a total waste of my time..

ClockLock responds:

>>; Happy Lock Day. =D