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Reviews for "LL- OoCL Episode 1"


AAAGH, THE HALF BREED! lol... see you COULD go into a big thing about the parallels of racial discrimination in real-life and the one between clocks and locks... or you can just laugh your ass off at "mexican" O.o...

all my 5... all my 5 :P

ClockLock responds:

>>; Hmmmm... mexican. =D Well, hopefully Episode 2 will get deeper into this stuff than Episode 1. I'm very glad you liked it. ^_^ Happy Lock Day.


Very nicely done, can't wait to see the other parts.

ClockLock responds:

*huggles* I hope to continue this series. And you're not dead... trust me. =D Happy Lock Day!


Excellent work, Clock! The "mexican" made me 'lol'. :x

ClockLock responds:

XD I'm glad you liked it! Happy Lock Day.

it wass ok

i think all the CC jokes would be funny well more funny with out the clock voice....but i gotta complemnt on the use of the cow boy bebop song cats from mars in the 1 sceene that was cool ^^

ClockLock responds:

Thanks for watching. ^_^ Happy Lock Day.


The graphics and animation were smooth and the gumor was funny, all I wish you had done was make more : )

Can't wait for the sequal, only a dirty half-breed like you can make such quality
-Sir Clock

ClockLock responds:

>=D Happy Lock Day, Sir. Ekekekeke.