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Reviews for "LL- OoCL Episode 1"

I've never seen LL work before..

But I'm really glad I decide to check your flash out. It had such a cool beginning. I love the little interaction with time bomb and spitfire. I really do hope you continue this series, it would be such a shame to just leave it unfinished. I hope all the Lock Legion work is as good as this one ^.^ squee!

ClockLock responds:

Well, I hope you do enjoy the rest of the LL's work. =D I'm glad you enjoyed this. I hope to make part 2 soon enough.

i am conflictit

look i love teh clock crew
but i also love teh lock legion
and teh tr!f0rc3
but thats not your problem
great movie


ClockLock responds:

What the. You're not Peach Lock, for we already have one. <=| Thanks for the feedback... but... what in the. =o


ClockBall Z!?!?
Ah...funny shit dude, nice job..

so your a half and half?

.. cool! also clockball Z lmao great flash you two...... ya... :| im done.


..for using my music in here.


ClockLock responds: