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Reviews for "LL- OoCL Episode 1"

not bad

i dont really like lock voices. they remind me of crazy smart people in wheel cairs. aka stephen hawking

ClockLock responds:

Move every zig, for great justice.

i don't like clock movies

you should really consider doing something else other that clock movies

ClockLock responds:

To each their own, but thanks for voting fairly and not giving zero for the fact it's a C/Lock movie. You gain major respect points from me. =D

Clocky <3

That was awesome. Can't wait for Cloud to show up in Ep 2 :P

ClockLock responds:

We shall see what happens... ekekekeke

HOLY SHIT THAT WAS AWSOME!!! not that was horrible

i wish there was something under 0 for overall rating cause holy shit that was fuckin gay like...michael jackson gay...or sorry im not gonna say something i cant take back im sorry but that still was harshly gay its pieces of shit movies like this that make newgrounds look bad and when people see that there like WTF!? and there like newgrounds is gay lets never come back!

ClockLock responds:

Dur dur dur dur? =D

i have seen better.

i think the movie was ok but than agan i did not get the lock cock thing but some things on newgrounds are made not too get so if your in too that than u will like this.