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Reviews for "LL- OoCL Episode 1"

hot schtuff

Great dialogue. Smooth graphics. Funny. A fine effort... for a Lock.

I foresee a movie with Locks and Clocks parodizing the story of Rosa Parks. "I'm not movin'" lol

seriously shine my shoes and lay off the watermelon kthx

I'm kidding of course, it's getting late up here and I'm hot and lonely

I mean that literally, it's warm, nothing sexual or anything

Unless you want it to be

You don't want it to be, do you


Sorry. Sorry for everything.



ClockLock responds:

XD Roffel. You'd have to get past Winchester first. =D But hey, thanks for the awesome review. <3 Happy Lock Day


GOOD JOB CLOCKY XD thats my cousin!! that was pretty good =D if someone were to give this a low rating, i dont think they based the score on how good the graphics were. people hate the lock legion and clock crew for i dont know what, but dont stop making flash, cause the ones contridicting you probley cant do better!

ClockLock responds:

Thanks Dani. <3

Wow just wow

This is one of the best plots I've seen attached to a flash movie in a while. Plots are generally overlooked at NG and you provide something as developed as this; it makes me cry in a good way. I definitely have to applaud you for this.

ClockLock responds:

Thank you dude! <3 I hope to develop this even further. This may actually be 3 episodes long.

Great job!

Nice movie! Loved it, and fived it. Hope to see Ep. 2 soon!

Happy Lock Day!

-U2iPod C/lock

ClockLock responds:

Thanks dude! <3 Much love. Happy Lock Day!


Amazing Clocky! Can't wait to see more!

Happy Lock Day!


ClockLock responds:

Thanks dude! Happy Lock Day! ^_^