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Reviews for "LL- OoCL Episode 1"


Can't wait for part 2!!!

Just when you thought it was over
"The final battle between Clocks & Locks!!!"

best lock legion flash yet

best lock legion flash yet.... did u eat a tossed salad in ur bed was it sticky= best bit i wanna join the legion how do I?

ClockLock responds:

Well, make sure you have flash or will contribute somehow to the Lock Legion. Then, try locklegion.com. =) Glad you enjoyed the flash.


Yes, very good, even though I am part of the lock legion, thats one of the best flashes I have seen. No shite. The best part is probably where Spitfire is explaining a bizzare veiw of the facts of life to Timebomb.

ClockLock responds:

Ah, well. You see... that was based on true MSN conversation events. =U Hahahaha... erk. XD

really good but a bit biased

well, it was very good, but a bit biased in favor of lock legion. Dont find me wrong, but the locks came after the clock crew, and sort of rebelled against it because it disapproved of the clock crew. so, the clock crew should have been the one killing and massacering because its more experienced.

ClockLock responds:

Well, in Origin of Clock Lock, the Clock Crew is quite a bit more massive than the Lock Legion. In fact, in the Clock/Lock war, the CC won. But you'll have to wait for part 2 to get the full jist of it. ;P

'oly Sh%$! That F%#$ is a racist clock!

Clock lock! you gotta make more! I *HICK* really wanted to see what happened between the clocks and locks. The virtual world you and your crew *HICKUP* have created is awsome. ...I'm glad you didn't include the stupid Glock...Whatever their name is. Then again, that's just me. *HICKUP*

ClockLock responds:

Thanks. ^___^ Well, I wouldn't be so quick to say anything about the Glock Group... =P But we shall see. Thanks for your kind review.