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Reviews for "LL- OoCL Episode 1"

that was sad

and so inspiraing 5

I am glad now that

StrawberryClock: I'm gonna go get an ice cream cone.
Anti-Clock: Can you get me one? :3
StrawberryClock: Sure.

That Dragon Ball Z scene and the scene where SpitfireLock explains TimeBombClock's birth were both hilarious yet they weren't detrimental to the serious tone of the movie. Excellent choice in music, too.

This deserves a 10 and added to favourites. And may WinchesterLock rest in peace.

A series that could have been so great.

This was a solid Lock flash that had a great story to it,the script was fantastic and it had a good amount of humor to it as well also the animation was great with the swift framerate and i like the fact it had many characters as well,overall i enjoyed this very much and well considering this first episode was made four years ago i doubt a second episode will be made which is kind of disappointing but at least this one particular Lock flash was great in itself.

ClockLock responds:

The second episode is The Unleashed: Prelude. Whoopsies.


that was great but i have a question WHEN IS # 2 COMING OUT


ok well that was entertaining, the audio was still hard to understand even with the subtitles, it also went by very fast, other then that it was ok.

Slow down the voices abit

Clocks and locks