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Reviews for "LL- OoCL Episode 1"

Clocky, this movie was awesome

Oh man, this was great. I loved every second of it. I'm not just sayin that either, I thought it was great. The background and art were superb. The story line was actually interesting and kept my attention and the background music brought everything together. This movie was awesome. I got myself a big word document titled "awesome newground movies" this is goin on top. My only problem with this was I didnt get to see more. So I'm just gonna have to bug you on MSN till you finish the second part. : )


ClockLock responds:

=D Thanks a whole lot dude! ^_^ I'm glad you liked it. Remember... we don't have time for your communist talk, Timey. Happy Lock Day!


Yay! Awesome work Clocky! Can't wait to see the next episode :D.

You deserved better then 4th though >:U.

ClockLock responds:

^_^ I'm glad you liked it! Happy Lock Day, dude.

This is how things should be amoung clocks and loc

(Ran out of space) This is how I pictured things in their world a majority of peace loving being not caring if they were either of the races, everyone living in harmony except for a few racist losers

ClockLock responds:

=D Well, hopefully I can make more movies concerning the whole world between them. I've been imagining things of this nature since before I even joined any of these groups. Happy Lock Day, my fellow Newgrounder. ^_^

A great movie!

Finally, humor that isnt stale like alot of NG movies. I also really like the menu. It reminds me of SOMETHING, but im not quite sure. lol mexico.

ClockLock responds:


OMG i am so happy its Lock Day!

You guys are getting so much fuckin better. Im so proud to be watching your stuff. I love how you guys can actually come togethe and make a day where all locks collaborate to make all newgrounders happy. So to break it down, great graphics. Your animation is always smooth. Awesome styles for animating goes out to each one of you. Sound... i like the voices, and the subtitles are great. And cant forget the humour. I like your senses of humour, very uniqe and what not.

Keep them coming guys. Woo Lock Day!!! 5/5

ClockLock responds:

<3 Much love dude! Happy Lock Day! Glad you enjoyed it!