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Reviews for "LL- OoCL Episode 1"


This was beautiful, can't wait to see the sequel :)

"It's what my beautiful Cine would have wanted"
Too bad she doens't visit the Clock Crew anymore :(

ClockLock responds:

Yar... this is sort of an "explanation" as to why she disappeared too. =D The plot shall be revealed over time. <3 Thanks much for the review dude! Much love!


G D S O T H M F C S J.

ClockLock responds:


quite funny

it was okay i really enjoyed the DBZ part that made me laugh XD

ClockLock responds:

Mwuahahah, good ol' Dragon Ball Z. Happy Lock Day, and thanks for the review!


i dont take sides on the lock vs clock thing i just think if the submission is good it should be in if not then it should be out.

and this is definitly in.

ps: i <3 the robot voice thingy

ClockLock responds:

Thanks much dude. =D Happy Lock Day

Agine another good movie

Cant wait for the next installment Thanks for the Sub-Titles ive noted in some its hard to understand the xp voice program great job alltogether

ClockLock responds:

Thank you very much! Happy Lock Day, dude!