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Reviews for "LL- OoCL Episode 1"

I love you, ClockLock.

*checks your profile* WOW, you're actually a girl too! that was a lucky guess.lolz, um, anywayz.... *mindless babble* poop,poop....mexican.
Long story short, thanks for the attempt at bringing the groups together and...umm....good job, you two.

Not Bad

I don't take sides on the Lock vs. Clock thing. I like both equally. This one was pretty cool. It could have been a bit longer, but it's good enough for a pilot episode. Definitly make more.

I love it >:)

Damn Creatus killed Winchester.
-Nutritional Facts <3


that was awesoume! hm.. can you have my lock in the episode 2?*seems to be abit shy*

nice work ! ^_^

this shit is chunk

im going to roll around in a cow pie now to try and get the smell if shit off me

ClockLock responds: