Reviews for "The Orc Ring"


I got up to 17 lvls. Its a pretty fun game. Nice music lol.


Apparently Orcs are Jewish.


not much here, other than clicking one of three cups or w/e they are to pick a ring...that's all you do, there's no way to win nor a way to lose, other than picking the wrong one...make a betting system or something...instead of having to lose (even though there is NOTHING to lose...) so that you lose a certain amount betted, and you win a certain amount betted, and if you lose enuff to run out, then u lose...make it more exciting next time, and also, the graphics were very good, that's the only reason i liked it, graphics and voices...

kinda lame ish

kinda lame


good art, even if it was only a few loops,

good coding too