Reviews for "The Orc Ring"

Little easy

This was a little recurring. I completed all of the rounds first time round. It needs a new sentence for each level.
The orc was nicely drawn!
The end made me smile. Shame I can't take the money away ;)

Nice game play. Needed a better ending though.

After all that just to see the Orc's butt... I had hoped something flashier would happen.

good game

it was a very good game, but a bigger challenge would make this perfect. i found it to be rather easy, but overall it was a load of fun to play.

i done it first time

i didnt lose a round and that either meant it was too easy, or im briallant, and the orc was too repitive, but was fun thnx for this submission

Pretty fun.

Not a bad game, although it does get a little boring. Maybe some additional features or something to spice the game up. Very good art and sound.