Reviews for "The Orc Ring"

Losing was the best part

I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it 9 times.

fun, for a little bit

maybe if u made a big game of LOTR stuff and put that as a side game a long with others. it would definitly make front page if u did it well.

just one question. whats with the jewish music?


Very well done. I got all 20 on the first try. Nice artwork, smooth animation, a decent dose of humor, and excellent sound and music. Very well rounded.


it is imposible for me to lose these kinds of games. its like in donkey kong country w/ the balloons in the barrels that switch really fast and u have to pick which barrel the baloon flashed in last. i was the master of that shit :P haha this game was fun

great graphics

it was a fun game alittle addictive. great graphics but you know what would make it better if it had a point or prize or something. 4 out of 5 clovers