Reviews for "The Orc Ring"

Good (curses!)

Tis' a good shell game. Good luck in the competition! Your beating my current entry, but I won't let you beat me that easilly! mwahaha! Red Earth two is on its way;) Good job!

Still too easy man

Increase the difficulty yet again. It was way too easy. Make it hard, hard like a priest at a playground.

Better than the other games with the same style

Ah, finally someone made a 'shell game' with something a little different. The Orc gave a feel that you were actually playing the game for a reason, the music gave some life to the game, and there was an ending to it. Personally, I think this style of game deserves to be in an RPG so that you can spend your hard-earned cash on things, but maybe that's for someone else to make a game out of.

Programmed Patterns take out the randomness...

Well there isn't much to this game. Its the classic game of finding the ball under the shuffling cups. However, there seems to be no randomness to where the ring appears. The pattern the cups moved in seemed to be programmed instead of random shuffles...

The graphics were done nicely. It gives a very Warcraft feel to the game. The setting is in a tavern with various animations going on in the background. The gameplay takes place on a table, which is off-centered on the screen. Usually you want the gameplay directly infront of the player, but for a game this simple, it doesn't really matter.

The BGM was a decent choice. I suppose it was chosen to give the tavern a more realistic feel. The orc repeats many of his lines over again. As you progress in the stages, he will start to say more things.

Not much to the gameplay, except the programming was poorly executed. It seems as though (correct me if I am wrong) the actual shuffling was programmed in, instead of the cups shuffling randomly. So if you could memorize one shuffle pattern and see it again, then you could guess the correct answer without following the ring.

The speed of the cups is still way too slow. There is no "trickery" when the cups are shuffles. If you have a good eye, you can follow the ring no matter what the speed of the cups. A good shuffle game tries to trick the player visually (ex: placing one cup directly infront of the other cup for a split second.)
This game is fun until you are able to predict the shuffle patterns or if you just get tired of a simple game. If there was more randomness involved, and some more eye trickery, perhaps this game would score higher.

Asvegren responds:

I am now correcting you because you are wrong. The shuffles ARE randomly chosen, however, I can't influence the way the computer chooses random numbers (which actually is programmed).

Of course I could use eye trickery, but if I put two cups directly on top of each other, how could you know which cup starts to move in which direction? I might aswell just turn it into a guessing game. Now I made it into a game based on skill, and instead of being proud that you could actually follow the cup, you want me to make this a simple guessing game.

still way too easy

needs to be harder even still...seemed just as easy on 19-20 as it did on 6-7

and might i suggest adding more cups as you get farther...so by like lv 10 you go up to 4, then on 15 its 5 then on the last one you have 6