Reviews for "The Orc Ring"

DOne very well

This was done excelently, although it wasn't very hard. SOme sugestions:

-Make it harder
-Give the orc something new, and interesting to say for each round

Those are the only two things i would sugest doing, other than that it was excelent.


What a stylish spin on an old game!

Who would have thought that one could give this old game a fresh coat of paint? And what a coat too!

From the griminess of the bartender's cloth to the reflection of the orc on the table, this game has so much detail and is graphically stunning!

The music and sound helped set the mood and atmosphere very well: the music just screams of the orc's dodginess! My only gripe, and it is a minor one, in this department is that the orc could quip a bit more; depending on different situations within the game, such as in the final round. But that gripe doesn't affect the score at all, though.

The main gripe, though, would be difficulty. The game was easy. I can play the game through once, and not feel obliged to go for another round. Maybe a difficulty setting would have worked nicely?

All in all, an excellent take on an old game. Fleece that orc for all he's worth I say!


The music got a little annoying, but other than that it was good.


I like it... your drawing style is really good. It is easy but oh well at least I dont get frustrated


is there any end to the levels