Reviews for "The Orc Ring"

not bad

it was a little easy thou i ran throu it in one shot need to make it harder plz but all in all it was good!


i lost track on the 15 level and it took me so long to get there...*sob*

It was pretty easy but a very good game nonetheles

I've seen alot of games like this made on NG but this by far had the best quality and best gameplay. You actually set us out a goal and he gave comments and everything. Interactivity was a big plus along with graphics. Music gave a good feeling in the bar some how lol. Great job! 2 thumbz up d('.'d)


Here's a few tips, The orc needs more comments, and add a setting where you can pick as many cups their are. Like he can do the ring thing with more than 3 cups, or even with only 2.

Pretty good

What's with the horah music.
This is way too easy also.