Reviews for "The Orc Ring"


I found it too easy which made it boring. Maybe if you sped it up some more and made it more challenging it would go over better. Oh and ...change the music..it sounded more like a barmitzvah was happening in the room.


Great graphics. The game was shallow. On my first try i won all twenty without losing[which actually isnt much of an accomplishment, considering the low level of difficulty]

I played again and lost purposely. I have a great idea for this game to be used again. Make another game with the same bar. Make three tables with different games. This can be one of them. AFter winning all the games u can repay ur debt to someone and he game ends

Boring but very good

I got kind of bored after i got 20 of them right

Nice graphics

The graphics and the sound were great. The game kept me occupied for about 5 minutes. Keep up the good work.

Pretty Good

This game has some potential. It looks great, plays well, and there are no real action flaws. However, difficulty could be increased, a song choice selection would be a nice touch, and more than 3 (4?) sayings would make our day. Anyhow, here's the breakdown.

Graphics: The game itself looks stunning. There could be more movement (say the orc actually moving them... but that would be too hard.. nvm.) or maybe a bartender or the mage does something (say every 5-10 rings or so?). Anyhow, good job.

Style: Everything matched, and there's really nothing to fix.

Sound: As said, add more sayings and either a different song or choice of songs. Otherwise, the sounds were well done (no microphone blowing or anything.).

Violence: Aside from the "Bash your head in." comment from the orc, there is no violence.

Interactivity: No action flaws, and everything runs and works as needed. Seems good to me, but just make it harder.

Humor: "Stop winning!"

Overall: Great concept, but lacks some of the vital parts needed to make the game great. Very good job up to this point and I hope to see more out of you soon.