Reviews for "The Orc Ring"


Its fun but way too easy


thats a kool game definatly origanal and designed maybe still a litlle on the easy side but its kool and maybe this concept should be expanded upon as theres definatly potential there

Very repetetive

Graphics - Nicely drawn. Not much animation to speak of. Maybe it would be nice if the we see the Ork moving the cups. Some activity in the background would be nice too. Maybe bonus games could be opened up by clicking on certain background events as they happen.

Style - Nice pub atmosphere and the Ork looked pretty authentic.

sound - Loses alot of points on sound, for me. The music doesn't fit with the scene (Sounds almost Arabic) and is repetetive. I like the way it speeds up as you progress (At least I think that was the idea) but sometimes it slows down again when, really, it should be getting quicker all the time.

I don't like the cheesy accent the Ork has or his vocabulary which isn't really very "Orky". The line he speaks when you lose is very out of place.

Violence - I dunno, maybe some violence could spice it up a bit!

Interactivity - For what it is, it's enough but there needs to be more to do.

Humour - Good oportunities for humour are missed here I think. The Ork needs some good strong witty remarks and more of them. Also, comedy events could happen in the background.

Overall, not an awful game but not great. It needs to be more varied. I don't know how varied a cup swapping game can be but it needs more i think. I didn't actually finish the game as I got to 14 rings and got bored so I closed the window.

Not bad!

But it's really TOO easy, I just tryied once and I won! Increase the speed! It needs more speed! Oh and maybe it could be faster... Need more speed! Yeah!

good game

it would be a good mini game to a series, its to repetitive, and at what point do u win all the rings?