Reviews for "The Orc Ring"


it was way to easy

to easy

i liked it and i know youve increased difficulty twice.. but its stil not hard enough

to easy or im to good at theese games

good game fun for my first time but im to good at theese games they just dont confuse me mkae it harder thni t will be more chalenging and ppl will have to think

Great game

Great game, I won the first time i played it. You writed taht you fixed the difficulty two times... maybe you have to do it some more times.

Silly wizard :).

Very good voice work with the orc, nice and rough there. I also like the funny wizard asleep on the bar, that was a nice touch. The music doesn't seem fitting though... Hava Nagila just doesn't work in my opinion, and the first two times it's repeated it's okay, but by the third time I was looking for an off button for the music. I do suggest putting one in. Nice work on the bar scene!