Reviews for "The Orc Ring"


First time fleece
Man you need to REALLY crank up the juice at 15-20
i kept waiting for it to get harder... fun regardless

had to play again to see what happens when you lose

good game

i enjoyed it, it was fun seeing how long my friend could keep up with me. Like the earlier reply, it was a little easy. I fleeced him first try.

Quite good

well its a good game :) but!! it might get boring after a while and it still is like too easy :( but anyway good job

nd i cant do it so ;)

It was just perfekt

Maybe a bit to easy but that´s not really a problem because its fun to win and you dont wanna lose riiight?

huva nagela huva

easy man, really easy and what's with the traditional clesmer music is this a stick at Jews and gambling?