Reviews for "8-BytchFyveIsABytch"


This was crap, I read every single comic and watch all of the original movies, the sound quality was crap and this was completely stupid.

TheArtisan responds:

sure, whatever u say

Its ok for your first flash.

I still say that he wasnt making fun of the comic 8-bit theater, he was making fun of the crappy remakes. 8-Bit Theater Comic = the awesome. This hasnt changed my veiw of your movie though. You should've used your own art in my opinion, and maybe made it longer. Keep making flash movies I geuss!

3/5 <--Very good for first flash

TheArtisan responds:

thank you very much :)

Freakin' awesome for your first movie!

OK, I read the reviews and let me tell you. Those people who think you stole these graphics? They're retarded. God damn, I wasn't expecting art like this when I first saw this movie. You look like you can become an amazing Flash artist! And let me tell you, 8-Bitch Fyve is one of my favorite movies, as well.

considering its already been done

i guess its ok, good job, maybe wanna do some original ideas next time tho, u seem to have potential for animating, jus need to work on your own stuff

TheArtisan responds:

yea, i am making my own ideas now, i jus thought i wanted to do this before i started anything else tho, thx for the review


8-bit is better than what you'll amount to in life. You should have worked on a less half ass plot.

TheArtisan responds:

do us all a favor and step into traffic, itll make the world a whole lot better, trust me, dont even need to second guess what i jus said, jus jump, no one will miss ya, thx for the review anyways, it will be your last hopefully