Reviews for "8-BytchFyveIsABytch"

So call me a softie...

I do tire of seeing people raked over the coals, though. I don't doubt that your efforts were well-meant... you show promise. I'm eager to see what kind of works you'll be capable of in the future.

Good luck. I won't pound on you any more -- plenty of other reviewers have done that already. Good luck in the future, and take care.

*goat noises*

yea... It was pretty good for a first movie, But you made Misteroo sad and he Hung himself and died... He's okay now...

This is a reproduction, not a tribute.

About 4 percent of the dialogue was not in 8 Bitch. 0 percent of the graphics was yours. So what's left? Well, the 4 percent of dialogue... and I canno think of anything else. You clearly can draw and animate well, but lack (or complete absence) of originality makes me weep. You can do better.

TheArtisan responds:

i guess i can, it was my first flash, i shall do better on the next tho, thx for the review

Um, no. Not today, or ever.

What were you thinking? I can only assume that you only just got flash, and are playing around with it. If you want harvest parts from somebody else's flash and play with them, that's fine. Don't submit it, and call it a tribute, kay, hon? Misteroo spent 3 months on 8bitch fyve for a reason. Did you look at the underlying message at all? Have you looked carefully at the other flashes? On their history, why they were made?

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool then to speak and confirm it."
-Abraham Lincoln

Have a nice day, but please go away.

TheArtisan responds:

how nice, quoting a dead president, of course even quoting abraham lincoln cant make you look anywhere close to being smart, and this is my house bitch, so you're the one that gets to go away, so please, go away, preferably to hell, if u need directions just jump out a 5 story window head first

It burns my eyes!

I can't believe that somebody would make a tribute to this flash of all things. The most Anti-Sucky Tributes flash of all flashes I've seen. Not only that but in your "tribute" you blew up the "NuklearPower Headquarters" but Misteroo said in 8-Bitch Fyve that he was a fan of the original comics and that he hated to see it copied and used by random people to make crappy tributes or just plain stolen. For somebody who claims to be a fan of Misteroo's work you sure don't seem to know anything about him...

TheArtisan responds:

looking at your face burns everybody's eyes, but that doesnt seem to stop em, so you shuld get the point, if not, they youre dumber than i thought, which is extremely dumb, thx for review