Reviews for "8-BytchFyveIsABytch"


Ok, I understand how you feel. I too admire Misteroo's undeniable talent. But that doesn't mean you go off and copy his work. Badly.

Listen, you have potential to do nice original work. If you come up with your own ideas, then maybe someday you'll have fans of your own. Make it your goal to create a flash that someone like Misteroo would respect.

TheArtisan responds:

i shall work on it, thank you for the review, sorry i couldnt do my own work to win u over this time, i shall try harder on the next one, with my own original ideas, thx for reviewing


A+ on remaking the Theif and Blackmage of Misteroo's creations...

But that's about all the good there is really. Not much really happened cept one BM threw a cane and the other blew up the portal. Background was ok, was curious about using Jenova's theme for the music and what was with that "you got game brotha" line all about?

TheArtisan responds:

thank you for a constructive review, i will try to work on all the things u ask me to do, thank you for the review



TheArtisan responds:

yea, u shuld make a movie, jus to compliment how shitty your website is already, itll be perfect! u can call it, my name is eviljim the retard who cant make a website or a flash, ull get like 3000 hits a day


"DL-Misteroo has got to be one of my favorite flash artists of all time"

you shouldn't do a cheap rip off of his work if he is your favorite. You belittle his work by copying it. Be yourself, make your own material. You aren't Misteroo, so do your own thing

TheArtisan responds:

well, at least your review is constructive unlike all the other ones who gave a 0, i was messing around with my first flash, didnt have many ideas, but the next flash ill hav plenty, thx for reviewing


Okay.... Short, croud, crappy.... The first was awsome. This was crap... Sorry man, but dont make fun of 8-Bit... I am a big fan...

TheArtisan responds:

too bad 8-bit sux, so bite me