Reviews for "8-BytchFyveIsABytch"


stolen graphics dont make a good movie

TheArtisan responds:

dumbass reviewers dont either

it was no 8-BitchFyve

but it wasnt too bad, might want to work on some of the animating as one of the previous reviewers said, but overall, not too bad

TheArtisan responds:

yea, im still getting there, and im no misteroo, hes so good, >.<, thx for the review

dear god...

this movie was extreamly gay
all did was steal graphics from 8-bitchfyve and put retarted jokes over it. misteroo hates this kind of thing

you my freind...


TheArtisan responds:

well, if i jus sat here and listen to losers like you all day, id go no where, kind of like you, thanks for the review

Good start

You have a start to a movie.... now finish it. Your drawing of the mage was very good and everything flowed together nicely. Although there wasn't much in this you did an okay job. You should make an entire movie mocking 8-bit by having your own drawings beating the crap out of the 8-bits. It would be very comical and original. Just animate A LOT more than what you did here and make the story A LOT longer. Good idea here, you just need to finish it. Good luck in your future movies.

TheArtisan responds:

yea, ill get to work on it, thank you for the review


i saw something like this before, did this like get blammed or something? oh well that was coll man

TheArtisan responds:

well, this is a tribute to dl-misteroo, ur probably thinking about the great 8-BitchFyve(Best flash ever), not this one, thank you for the reivew!