Reviews for "8-BytchFyveIsABytch"


Misteroo asked me to kill him upon seeing this garbage. That is all I really need to say. I don't have to go through a thesaurus or anything to find words to describe the sins you have committed. Please die.

TheArtisan responds:

alright, another review from a DL staff, this is great, although its not exactly the right circumstance we should have met under, i still enjoy it, im sorry if i offended u too, as well as misteroo, i will try harder on the next one to not make a flash thatll kill misteroo, cuz then hell never finish arfenhouse3 :P

ur cool

you got a good sense of humor and a good animation skill. I likw what u sai dto all those losers that can only make stick figures and give bad reviews.

TheArtisan responds:

thank you very much, thx for the review

My... God.

This is a total bastardization and ripoff. Are you trying to get Misteroo to commit suicide? You're on the right track, and it's the only 'right track' you're on.

TheArtisan responds:

sorry, dont like to listen to random idiots ranting, so i guess your shit out of luck

...*twitch*... *twitch twitch*...

...Why. Just... why. I'm kinda half praying that this is actually an insult against me instead of a real tribute, because... DAMN.

This movie is everything that 8-Bitch Fyve stood against. It's not just about sprites--it's about the evils of blatant stealing, unoriginality, and a HELL of a lot of anger towards crappy tributes to popular material that contain nothing but the aforementioned.

Thanks for trying, but I'm blamming this for the good of the world.

TheArtisan responds:

its ok, any criticism from you is jus dandy, ill try harder on the next one, i jus needed a pilot flash, sorry if i offended u in anyway, u really are a great artist, anyways, thx for reviewing



TheArtisan responds:

the point is youre gay, so i guess u didnt get the point