Reviews for "8-BytchFyveIsABytch"

And Retort

October, ending your post with "let the flaming begin" doesn't cover your butt. It's a forum technique that you should realize never works.
I for one think this, like most 8BF work, is critic in nature, and shouldn't be taken for face "sound and color". There's more to it than that.


First of all, the plot, quite frankly, was hackneyed and lame.

This is the kind of stuff Misteroo takes a jab at with his work, things that are just... to be honest, without merit.

Have you even read the original comic 8-Bit Theatre, instead of just watching the flash? Just out of curiousity, because I got a feeling you never even seen the original.

I gave this the big 0 across the board because it became what the original 8Bytch was mocking in the first place: a cruddy 'tribute' to a great work.

Let the author flaming begin.


This...missed the entire point of 8-Bitch Fyve. It...godDAMN.

Better yet, you let Disaster Labs trash your flash animation, but anyone else who trashes it apparently has no life. Jeez.

0, for the good of the world!

Uh... was that supposed to be funny? o_O;;

Seriously, was it? That had no comedic value whatsoever. The Thief going "WAZUUUUUUP" was an insult to Matt >>;; *thwap* This is bad. Try again.

Oh gawd!!

Why? Why would you do this? It's not good. It's filled with hatred! Hatred and bad humour!

I mean.. ahdsdg. Really, though? What's up with Mr. Thief going "wuzzaaaaaa?! *twitch*"? And why do you do the "the end waghwghabshghbgbbbb"? Really, Child! It made my eyes bleed.

And with the arhghnbnb. Why is Seppel in costume if he's not making a movie? Why does BlackMage pretend he's Alee? (bad, by the way) And and see! You're making me twitch!

Oh and not only that, but Seppel didn't make the flash movie. Misteroo did. You do know the difference between them, yes? Of course you do. Misteroo's the blue cat, not the squirrel with too much make-up.
You need some pills.

Matt saying with the "Wuzzahhhhnbfnnbnn *terri schiavo*" is still haunting me. You should kill this movie.