Reviews for "8-BytchFyveIsABytch"


Look, I know that you had good intentions, but you completely missed the meaning of 8-BitchFyve...that so-called "tributes" (like your movie) suck. Suck-suckity-suck-suck.

...Suck. *cough*

In closing, if you're such a big fan of Misteroo, then stop disgracing his work like this. And drop the stalker act. It's not good for the poor man's health.

I've been raped.

Why me? :(


You know in 8-bit theatre 3, when the huge text comes up for one frame? Read that. It has something about tributes.

"What the Hell am I doing here?

When Seppel the Black Mage said "what the hell am I doing here?" I couldn't help but think he meant what the hell he was doing in a 8Bitch Fyve ripoff. Be original next time, OK?


tut tut tut, i shall be brief in my amplification of this sad sorry bit of what i hear laughingly refered to as good flash, furthermore becuase of my lack of respect for both you and your work i shall not be restrained in the review of the afore mentioned flash. perhaphs you lack an insight into the lack of support you attain from the ng community, allow me to enlighten you, your "work" is devoid of both humor or accuracy to misteroo's wishes. i find it a wonder that either he or neutrino would even deign to speak, even for the briefest instant speak to you, so for once contribute to functioning society and commint suicide...please?