Reviews for "8-BytchFyveIsABytch"

I cannot believe it.

Misteroo actually doesn't like tributes. He's gone on record saying so. In fact his comment on someone doing a tribute to 8-bitch five, a movie designed solely to mock tributes was, "how could someone be this retarded." If you REALLY want to impress Misteroo I'd recommend starting from scratch and doing your own idea. I don't intend to be mean or harsh I'm just saying it as it is.

TheArtisan responds:

k, thx for the review

Okay, just THINK for a sec

Before you hurl a childish insult at me, think; 'Why did I make a tribute movie to a movie that hates tributes?'

TheArtisan responds:

well, youre not understanding the point either, and i cant not throw a childish insult at you, since its the only kind of insult you would understand, seeing how your brain can only handle so many big words. as for tributes, its not he hates tributes, its he hates when people steal other peoples work, are u retarded or something? doesnt look like you get the point of his flash, get out of here, youre making a fool out of both of us, me reading your stupid review, and you making an idiot of yourself, so plz die, thx

Good start

First of all, I find it funny that this is a tribute to a flash that was a parody to 8 Bit Theatre. I find that really funny, but I find it good that you've had a go at flash and decided to base it on a parody of a popular flash.

So what happened on the flash was funny since 8bitch Black Mage met 8bit Black Mage and I thought that staticky was not done on purpose, so I almost lowered the sound quality for that, LOL. Also, 8bit Black Mage throwing the rod at 8bitch Black Mage taking 0000HP off was funny. Also, the building and thief were going insane, which is like on 8bitch V.

So this was a good start at Flash for you. I hope you will make another flash animation (maybe something original) to improve on your flash animations. I want to see Flash beginners that make very good flash animations in the near future and you are one of thoe people I should keep an eye on.

TheArtisan responds:

thank you very much for the support, :D, i shall work hard on the next flash, thank you for reviewing


Good for a tribute, but the original is much better.

TheArtisan responds:

yea, the original kicks the crap out of this, lol, thx for the review


It was a ittle bit funny, ill give ya that, graphics, 8bitparts were good but your black mage that you drew yourself didnt look great, sound was good exceot for the quality of black mages voice, i know you said it was meant to be staticy but it was pretty poor quality if you ask me, not abad effort, i would like to see something original from you for your next submission!

TheArtisan responds:

o thank you, dont worry, my next work will be original, thx for the review