Reviews for "8-BytchFyveIsABytch"



This was the most idiotic thing ever.

First off, as everyone's already pointed out, this is not original. This is exactly what Misteroo was hunting against. Second of all, if Misteroo hadn't made 8 bitch Fyve, this movie would totally suck on it's own. Yes, the animation and graphics were good, but the graphics were stolen and the animation was simply tweens.

And before you write your generic "go kill yourself, you can't make stuff this great, thx for the review" reply, take a moment to think about what you've done. I know your next movie will be original, but at the same time, you may want to consider at least apologizing to the Real Roo.


"Wow. Just Wow. I hope Misteroo takes drastic measures to destroy this fiend."
I said that.
Okay, so; you want to make some Flash animation, eh? Well, first, you should learn to create your own people. You may think that it'll please the author of your favourite Flash to see people who enjoyed their ideas recreated in Flash. Most people don't. So, you're just making a mess of the internet- causing people to think this is actually Misteroo's work, when It isn't.
I don't even think you realize what it is. It's a sprite movie. Why? Because you've copied images from something else, and used them out of context. However, tributes are worse. They are like a lie- making people believe you can do things you actually can't. Perhaps you can animate, but it wasn't proven. All that was proven was that you're a hypocrite.


Okay, I'm sure your heart was in the right place, really. But tributes? Just...no. It seems you have some potential as a flash artist, but I couldn't really tell since nearly 90% of this was done by Misteroo. (I gave you a 5 on sound though, since you could actually understand the dialogue.) Thus, as someone who loves to watch flash movies, I urge you to at least try something original that comes directly from you. After all, that's what Misteroo has been fighting for all along. Good luck in your next flash endeavor.

Oh, FYI, I've known Seppel for over 15 years in real life and he would never, ever say 'I've got game." Just so you know.

No offence man but, that should have been blamed

Ok, I'm sure Mr. Roo appriciates that you like his movie so much, but taking his ideas straight from his movie and then putting it together and trying to be like him is rather insulting in my opinion. No offence but I'm sick of tributes in which all they do is take ideas from the source matrial and throw it all together. Especially when the source matrial is against such movies as this one. Your hearts in the right place I guess, but that still dosen't justify this.